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H & A Art Studio

Learn the secrets and the techniques of art of all times

Professional art education in three languages;

English, Armenian and Russian 

Class 1 / Kids 4 - 6y

Class 2 / Kids 7 - 9y

Class 3 /Kids 10 - 13y

Class 4 / Kids  14 - 16y

Class 5 / Class 16 +

Art and Wine

Private  Classes

Team Build up Artwork

Arega Grigoryan

Artist / Teacher


About Us 

Welcome to H & A Art Studio!

Since 2014, we've been fueling creativity in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. No age limits, just pure artistic adventure.

What Makes Us Shine:

We're not your average art stop. Our studio is all about emotions turned into art, self-discipline, and finding your unique artistic voice.

Art Therapy Unleashed:

Our classes? They're a blend of art and therapy. More than strokes on canvas, they're emotions taking shape. Your art becomes the conversation. Art speaks without words. 

With our Artist Instructors, you'll master techniques old and new, creating art that's authentically you.From young to forever-young, H & A Art Studio is where creativity thrives. Confidence, critical thinking, and a knack for art – it's all here, wrapped up in support.

Join us to paint, draw, and let your imagination soar. Discover the heart of fine art at H & A Art Studio – Where Creativity Comes to Life! Your fundamentals of fine art start here.

Hamlet Hovakimyan

Artist / Teacher


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